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The thing is, "now the opponent doesn't have an item and you do damage," is what Knock Off does, but it does so without the need of Magician, your item slot, or an extra turn.
Well, I was saying that from the "using items over and over" perspective. I realize Fling+Magician is pretty bad, but it at least fits with the concept.


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I think this concept assessment has run its course. The logical conclusions we can gain from this are that A. berries are the only item that you could conceivably use repeatedly, and B. they mandate harvest. The only real uses of this are Lum, Sitrus, and to a limited extent Chesto berry + harvest, but Harvest + Berry doesn't seem like a particularly strong concept. Especially due to Sun's nerf this generation, leaving the strat faced with being either A. making Charizard-Y mandatory or B. being shaky at best. It's a cool concept in theory, but the game just doesn't have the options we'd need to make it work.

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Magician sucks because it relies on the target's item, and therefore, you have little control over it. (Thanks to HeaLnDeaL for that quote) This is especially true for this concept where the item must be consumable, which means the CAP is, once again, useless unless the opponent has a consumable item.
I'm afraid Magician is too gimmicky and hard to work with in a competitive environment. In addition, limiting ourselves to 1 ability is again process unfriendly.

A few people are agreeing that we should tweak the concept by removing the 'over and over again' part, while keeping the parts which specify an offensive pressure and the necessity of having its best/only set(s) being using a consumable item. Instead of declining the concept altogether, we could instead salvage it by tweaking the part that makes it unviable as a concept. I've gone into more detail over the tweaks in previous posts, so I won't repeat myself, but I believe we might be able to still make something out this.
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